Off to Taiwan

Posted in taiwan, travel on 6/29/2007 by Min

Min is off to Taiwan for about 5 weeks. I took her to the airport with Charlie yesterday. Thankfully, I’ll be able to meet them there near the end of July this time.

Anyway, Min asked me to write a short note telling you this as she was very busy packing and baking bread to take to her family.


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13 Responses to “Off to Taiwan”

  1. 聚水藏風 Says:

    Hope you three will have a wonderful time in Taiwan. :)

  2. coloryen Says:

    Have a nice trip!

  3. Zephry Says:


  4. Min Says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Zephry… “Kan bu dong” :) but thanks to Google, haha, yes indeed.


  5. SANDY Says:

    have a great trip!

  6. 寡言 Says:

    Dear Bill:

    hope we will meet up in Taiwan this time

    i am cousin Joie

  7. cannoli Says:

    It’s lovely to see when the other half also take parts in your blog~
    what a loving family~~

  8. cannoli Says:

    have a wonderful holiday home~~~ ^_^

  9. Min Says:

    One big, happy, blogging family :)

    Actually, I’m just the technical help.


  10. nelly8 Says:

    have a nice trip!

  11. Milla Says:

    期待你玩後update blog ^^
    Have a nice trip!

  12. nelly8 Says:

    update blog ?
    妳的 blog嗎?

  13. Simple Life Says:

    Hi Bill,

    I am Little J from Simple Life@ Mao Bao (
    Min is our columnist.

    Heard that Min is in Taiwan right now.
    I would like to give her a call to schedule a tea-time meeting. :)
    Could you kindly email me her cell phone number to get in touch with her?

    my email:

    Thank you for your help! :)

    -Little J-

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