Ten Principles for Good Design

Posted in design, inspiration on 9/30/2010 by Min

[何謂好設計?]真是個大哉問, 非三言兩語可以道盡, 德國工業設計師Dieter Rams幾經深思後, 提出十個好設計守則, 認同且喜歡, 身為一個消費者, 買過看過太多炫麗外表多於貼心內涵, 供在案頭更適合於日常操使的設計, 創意, 只是好設計的門檻:

Good design:

* is innovative
* makes a product useful
* is aesthetic
* makes a product understandable
* is unobtrusive
* is honest
* is long-lasting
* is thorough down to the last detail
* is environmentally friendly
* is as little design as possible

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  1. lazypanda Says:

    I like the last one the most! “as little design as possible”

    Thanks for sharing. :)

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