Wow! What a bag!

Posted in fashion on 10/4/2011 by Min

在網路上閒逛, 看到Burberry 2012春夏的這只芥末色手包, 除了美呆了之外, 就再也無話可說, 尤其是秀場上和那襲寶藍洋裝配搭, 真是一整個完美到不行, 細看才發現, 這只包走的並不是我一向偏愛的簡淨路線, 芥末也不是我的慣愛顏色, 很可能是搭配, 也可能是拍照角度, 讓我愛不釋眼呢! 既來之則看之, 不小心把這季Burberry的秀場圖片看了一圈, Christopher Bailey真是好樣的, Burberry被他調教得再次活色生香起來, 這一季偏向秋日色調的春裝, 感覺似乎因為跳tone, 而更加清新可人呢!

Image from Vogue

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  1. JenJapan Says:

    Like you, I’ve been oddly drawn to yellow/mustard colored bags lately. I still haven’t found one in I like in that color (this one is beautiful but too expensive for a Mommy bag!) but my bright orange Longchamp Le Pilage is coming in the mail~

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